This region as well has a tale about the massive Earthquake that Nepal had to suffer back in 2015. Langtang Valley was considered one of the most popular trekking destinations in the country before 2015.

The earthquake ripped open the majority of the areas and triggered avalanches that killed thousands of people in the region. Fortunately, the region is now gaining back its popularity and people are looking to trek here.

Langtang Valley Trekking – 8 Days

For the Langtang Valley trekking, you at least need to have a minimum of 10 days to get back to Kathmandu. Although you can get to the valley within a day from Kathmandu, this area is not yet the most visited in Nepal. If you are someone who wants to explore less known and less crowded regions, you cannot find better than the Langtang Region for three major reasons.

  1. It’s the closest trekking destination from Kathmandu that takes you deep into the wild and nature.
  2. The view you get here is no less than any other trekking destinations.
  3. Good enough hotels and other services.
Langtang Valley Trekking
Image: Gabriel Morris

Another attraction that adds value to this trek is the diverse Buddhist cultures of Tamang and Sherpa Community. The ancient monastery, Kyanjin Gompa is one of the major attraction. The trail runs through a dense Rhododendron forest of Langtang National Park. Prominent mountain peaks that you can see from this region are:

  1. Langtang Lirung: 7,245m / 23770 ft
  2. Loenpo Gang: 6,979 m / 22,897 ft
  3. Dorge Lakpa: 6966m / 22854 ft

The first day would be a bus/jeep ride from Kathmandu to Syafrubesi via Trishuli Bazaar and Dunche. The roads are bumpy but adventurous and the view will relent everything. The real trek starts from Syafrubesi along the Langtang Khola. “Khola” is Nepali translation of “River”.  There is a steep ascent before we get to the Lama Hotel. First overnight stay would be at Lama Hotel. Check the below itinerary for the trek.

  Langtang Valley Trek Itinerary

1Syafrubesi 1460m8 Hrs Drive
2Lama Hotel2420m6 Hrs
3Langtang Village3430m7 Hrs
4Kyanjin Gompa3870m3 Hrs
5Acclimatization in Kyanjin
6Lama Hotel2420m6 Hrs
7Syafrubesi1460m5 Hrs
8Kathmandu1320m7-8 Hrs Drive

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