I think spending time in nature is more satisfying than watching cute cat videos or a rainbow slime video on youtube. I am sure all of you are with me in this. Besides, there are health reasons that motivate you to trek or hike frequently.

10 health reasons that motivate you to trek or hike frequently

Age is just a number.  If you can walk, you can trek or hike. But then, the ability of trekking comes with a disclaimer, not all trekking routes in the world are doable.  If you are daring enough to trust your guts and believe in yourself, you can do it. For me, I think everything is just in our head.

Willingness itself is the proof of ability to do things.

Let’s get into the list of the benefits of going for a trek vacation frequently.

1.  Mental Health

Nature cares for you. Unless you fall off a cliff or get involved in a bout with the locals, you are in the good hand of the activity that gives you a lot to live your life a better way.

In our daily life, in the name of “Chasing the Dream“, we have become a machine with a rigid routine to follow and a defined set of jobs to do every single day. Where is the fun in that?

Its good to chase your dream, but I’d never let go of my present for something unknown.

Wilderness or nature gives you the peace, harmony and a different world where you can contemplate your life and take yourself to the next and better way of respecting your existence, it helps you enjoy what you have more than worrying about your future, that’s there.

It revitalizes your brain, your thought process and improves your self-esteem.

2. Muscular Fitness

Walking through a rough terrain energizes your tissues and it helps make your muscle agile.  If you spend hours in a surface that features huge rocks, uphill trekking or hiking trails, big boulders, you tend to move every muscle of yours and find a perfect sleep during the nights which you might have been missing because of various reasons back home.

A good trek of 5 to 6 days where you walk for around 6 hours daily gives you a good muscle strength. But those of you who don’t get to exercise daily should loosen up your muscle by jogging for a week every day for at least 30 minutes to 1 hour prior to starting the trek.

3. Strong Bones

All physical activity leads to the formation of new bone tissues and makes them stronger as well. The more bones are in motion against the muscle, the stronger they get. The uphill and downhill trail during a trek always keeps you on your feet and the leg bones get stronger to hold your body weight.

There are two kinds of physical activity :

a. Weight-bearing

b. Non-weight-bearing 

Weight-bearing activities include walking, jogging, hiking, trekking, on-field games(soccer, hockey etc) where you actually carry your weight and move whereas activities, like swimming or bicycling, are non-weight-bearing activities where you do not have to carry your weight to move.

Weight-bearing is more effective for formation of new bone tissue and their strengthening.  

4. Psychological

Trekking, hiking makes you look and feel better which is directly proportional to the way you feel about yourself, your self-esteem gets boosted. You seem to find a better way of doing things. Making your body work and move helps you fight and make you immune to anxiety and depression.

If you are having a bad time with your career, studies or even marriage, the best way to cope is to go on a trek with someone who you can feel comfortable with, take it as a casual vacation. This helps you solve your problem in a positive way making things less bad than it would otherwise be.

Do you know that our body releases a certain kind of chemical that makes you ‘feel-good’ more often? Endorphin is the word. Yes, these are the hormones found in humans and animals that contribute to the feeling of euphoria.

All in all, trekking leads to your Psychological well-being.

5. Healthy heart

You will find that this pays off once you start doing it. People who don’t involve themselves in physical activities are twice as likely to catch a heart disease as people who do it.

If the heart stays healthy just by walking, why on earth would someone not do it?

We see people in the park looking out for stairs to go up and down, that’s because its good for your heart. Guess what you’ll find when you trek; natural stairs and spellbinding view of nature.

health reasons that motivate you to trek or hike frequently
Photo: Bibek Pokharel

6. Internal Cleansing

Before you trek, you are strictly advised to follow the DOs and Donts regarding the foods you’ll be consuming. Some of them which you should NOT miss out are:

  1. Water – YES
  2. Oily/Spicy foods – NO
  3. Alcohol -NO
  4. Carbohydrates (Sweet Potatoes, Brown Rice etc )  – YES
  5. Dry Fruits – YES

If you follow these, you’ll only be eating healthy foods and drinking a lot of water with every day of exercise.

Imagine a week in your life where you avoid all junk, oily and spicy foods, alcoholic drinks and just eat healthy food, drink water every 30 minutes and do a lot of exercises. How would you feel?

That’s the life that detoxes and rejuvenates your entire body.

7. Positive Energy

Most of us are unaware of the fact that we do radiate energy. Whatever energy a person exudes, it always has something to do with their past, their mindset, their perspective towards life and the way they see the world.

Its a verified research that says spending time out in nature helps you fight the negative effects of mental stress and anxiety.

Spending time outdoors and being active on an adventure holiday is the best way to cleanse your body and drain out all your negative energy that has piled up due to various setbacks in your life.

Trekking requires you to focus on the grandeur offerings of nature which helps you build the positive energy and make you believe that there is always a better way to live.

8. Weight Loss

You burn fat, you lose weight. Trekking includes light climbing, sprinting and the trails are not always smooth. Physical activity always drains your body fat.

9. Concentration Power

Being carefree for some days is good because your ability to think and react gets refreshed. Because every organ and all parts of your body become active, blood circulation improves and thus your ability to concentrate and focus.

It’s obvious that with age, our ability to think, focus, concentrate and memorise things diminishes, that’s because with age our frequency of mobility also reduces. We become limited with our options to move and workout. So when we trek, our body can experience all the moving parts all over again that have been long locked because of ageing.

This means your brain becomes active as the flow of blood to the brain gets improved thus improving your power to concentrate and focus.

10. Metabolism

During any trek, all you do is eat, walk and rest. You wake up in the morning, take breakfast, start your trek, stop for lunch and walk again,  and then your belly again feels empty after walking for some hours and you eat again. This results in good metabolic activity in your body.

This also contributes to increasing your immunity power to illness like common cold and gastritis.

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