Who Dares Wins! Let’s face it.

There are a few aberrant personalities who’d readily accept any travel challenge and hell they manage to pull it off. Moreover, they find doing those kinds of stuff cool and gratifying.

We are listing some of those crazy travel activities strictly for the daredevil adventure lovers only. Needless to say, those who’d dare to do any of these needs to be pretty strong physically and mentally.

1. Skydive from Mt. Everest in Nepal

Crazy Travel Ideas for Adventure Freaks
Image: worthytravelers.com

You can actually Skydive from the Everest, raft through the rivers and end up in the ocean (Bay of Bengal). How is that for an adventure travel plan? 

Climbing up to the summit is definitely an achievement to cherish for life but being able to witness the grandeur of nature from above the highest mountain in the world gives you an ‘out of the world’ feeling of achievement.

Nevertheless, the fact of being in the Everest region is satisfying in itself.

2. Wing Walk in the UK

Wink Walking for Adventure Seekers
Image: Youtube

Everybody wishes to fly seeing the ease and fun of a flying bird. But things we wish have a reason to be called a ‘Wish’. We tend to wish something that is not natural or normal.

But ‘I wish I could fly’ is probably the most common wish everybody has. Well, not anymore. You can get tied up to an aeroplane wing and experience the adrenaline rush of flying. This must be one of the wildest fantasy if you are a daredevil.

3. Tundra Buggy, The Polar Bear Adventure in Canada

Crazy Travel Activities for Adventure seekers
Image: repleys.com

Polar Bears are one of the strongest and amongst the vicious hunters and the adventure seekers spend a hefty amount of money to get a closer look with all the safety measures in check. Frontiers North helps you to experience the polar environment with a close encounter with the bears.

The official Tundra Buggy is about more than the vehicle; what makes a Tundra Buggy truly unique is where we get to go, the experience of our drivers, our passionate and dedicated tour leaders, and the opportunities for our multi-day package tour guests to spend time on the tundra with Field Ambassadors from Polar Bears International. Frontiers North provides guests will a truly unique experience in some of Churchill’s most remote and exclusive areas.

4. Zero Gravity with Zero-G

Zero G for Daredevil Adventure Lovers
Image: www.esa.int

One adrenaline pumping activity you could do is experience the zero gravity. That’s a luxury, you can say, which is available only for the astronauts or also for the engineers who work in the international space stations.

But hold on, even if you have nothing to do with serious astronomical gimmicks or rockets or spaceship for that matter, you can get a taste of experiencing zero gravity. Yes, normal people like you and me who just wanders around the world can do it as well.

Zero Gravity Experience for Daredevil Adventure Lovers
Image: www.esa.int

Zero-G is a company that offers travellers and adventure seekers an opportunity to experience the feeling of weightlessness. The Boeing 727 plane performs a certain specific manoeuvre called the ‘parabola’ midair such that the people aboard feel no gravity whatsoever.

Each ride costs you a $4,950 per person, however. I think its worth it totally!

5. Hop In on the Fastest Roller Coaster in the World – Abu Dhabi

Travel Activities Strictly for Daredevils only
Image: karage.tv

The amazing rollercoaster ride in Formula Rossa would give you goosebumps like never before as the top speed of 150 mph hits in less than five seconds.

People sometimes end up puking and peeing on their pants during the ride. Certainly not for a faint-hearted.

Travel Activities Strictly for Daredevils only
Image: karage.tv

More of these activities will be updated. Also, You can send us your daredevil travel experience to get featured Here.

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