You don’t want to miss any backpacking essentials especially when you are planning to do arduous trekking in the Himalayas. At the same time, it is smart to trim down those nitty-gritty and travel light, based on the availability of trekking gears in Nepal. This blog is purely a backpacker’s essential gear guide before trekking in Nepal.

Checking on these questions may help you lighten baggage while travelling to Nepal for trekking.

Where can I shop for trekking in Kathmandu?

Backpackers Essential Gear guide before trekking in Nepal
Alleys in Thamel | Image: Kiran Roy

Thamel is a popular commercial hub in Kathmandu. It is a colourful alley that offers a wide range of trekking gear shops.

In case you miss out Thamel in Kathmandu, Pokhara offers the same! It has a broader market and this is also the juncture from where the trek to some of the famous destinations start.

Are all trekking gears available in Nepal?

Yes. All the trekking clothing, equipment and accessories are available in Nepal, all ranging in size, quality and price.

Backpackers Essential Gear guide before trekking in Nepal
Local shops in Thamel | Image: Kiran Roy

Can I depend on the quality/durability of gears bought in Nepal?

A shopkeeper said that most of the trekkers prefer shopping in Thamel. He also mentioned that trekkers can fully depend on the gears from the local market which is relatively cheaper than the branded stores if they plan to go from 4000 m — 5000 m altitude. However, for trekking above 5000 m, it is highly recommended to opt for a good brand.

Can I trust the brands available in Nepal?

Yes, there are plenty genuine brand outlets in Thamel. Some of them are “Sonam Gears”, “The North Face Nepal”, “Columbia”, “Sherpa Adventure Gears”, and “Black Yak Nepal”.

Are tourists offered high prices than the locals?

Although bargaining skills could be tested at most of the shops, Thamel is known for standard prices on trekking gears for both the locals and foreigners.

Unburden your baggage, shop wisely and enjoy trekking!

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