It’s rather tricky. However, you’ll be handed quite a few bragging rights for sure which might actually impel you to get going on further adventures in life. No seriously, Nepal is considered one of the most complementing adventure destinations for all age.

How to Plan a Perfect Himalayan Adventure in Nepal

Travelling is not expensive but make sure you find the best deal; speaking of which Nepal seem to be gearing up for the Tourism Year 2020 which could offer you quite a few good deals if you are planning to be here in that time.

Planning a perfect Himalayan adventure calls for a bit of research. I’ll share what according to me would worth all your penny.

As the TIA(Tribhuvan International Airport), Kathmandu is the only way to fly in as of now (two more big airports are being built) to this beautiful mountainous country, make sure you have a full day rest in Kathmandu before you hit the trails.

To be absolutely honest, I’d suggest you avoid all the urban areas as much as possible and head straight to the mountains, select a trekking route, a village and live like locals. If you want, you can follow their daily routine, help them with feeding the cattle and daily chores and play with the kids. It’s so fulfilling.

For those who are in love with Kathmandu just by reading or listening or other’s stories, here is what you should do:

Things to do in Kathmandu! 

1. Historical Durbar Squares and Local Market

In the entire Kathmandu valley that includes three cuddling and culturally rich cities: Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur, you’ll find beautiful old palaces that once aboded the kings of the past.

Basantapur Durbar Square in Kathmandu, Patan Durbar Square in Lalitpur and Bhaktapur Durbar Square in Bhaktapur were all hit by the massive 2015 earthquake, but the grandeur of these sites will still amuse you.

Try local cuisine and drinks in the alleys of these culturally preserved cities and experience the ever-welcoming friendship with the Nepali people.

2. Heritage Sites in Kathmandu

Make some time for Swayambunath and Boudhanath Temple. These are some sacred sites for the Buddhist community and you’ll enjoy the atmosphere filled with peace and Buddhist chants at the same time. Don’t try to imagine.

3. Shopping for your Adventure

You’ll find all your shopping demands in Kathmandu whether you’ll be camping in the Himalayas or staying in mountain tea houses. Check this blog for Essential Gear Guide for trekking in Nepal.

If you happen to have one more extra day, you can also go for short hikes just to loosen your muscle and get used to the terrain before the big long trek.

4. Party in Thamel

Nepalese people party like anything. They go with the idea of “There is no Tomorrow” when it comes to partying and Thamel is a mecca for revelry. If you love partying and booze, you should spend an evening in Thamel.

If you are not into loud music and noisy festivals, however, there are some really good places with good food for peace lovers as well.

What after Kathmandu?

Well, you can either do what most of the people do which is go for the popular treks like Everest Base Camp or Annapurna Circuit etc OR you could also choose a lesser known and fewer crowdy destinations like Manaslu, Makalu Trekking.

Manaslu Trekking:

This route finds less tourist than others despite offering a stunning and at the same time constantly changing view throughout the trail. There is an amazing mix of diverse ethnic communities of the Annapurna region in this trek and is around the eighth highest peak in the world (Mt. Manaslu: 8156m) and because fewer tourists opt for this route, it’s pristine and full of greenery.

How to Plan a Perfect Himalayan Adventure in Nepal
The landscape that is pretty much throughout the trek | Image: T1000

The hard-earned night sleep deserves a good treat with the food and so will you be offered. A typical Nepali dinner(or any other meal) is full of all nutrition needed for your adventure.

The remote nature of the trail will encapsulate you into a natural wilderness but interestingly you will get to find small teahouses every now and then.

How to Plan a Perfect Himalayan Adventure in Nepal
A Nepali Kitchen in the Himalayas | Image: Radim Štrobl

You don’t necessarily need to carry tents or any other camping equipment as you will find lodges and teahouses. Manaslu trekking will take you to a maximum of 4500m from sea level, which for some people might be of some concern. It’s important to acclimatize well before ascending too quickly. It takes around 18–20 days to enjoy every bit of adventure Manaslu offers so proper planning makes quite a difference.

Check the Manaslu Blog for a detailed itinerary.

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