Let’s go through this list of Top 5 Inspiring Female travellers from India who actually inspires the world to live life in our own terms and in harmony.

Our life is whimsical and it has to be.  Being fickle minded is allowed, being free is the right.

Top 5 Inspiring Female Travellers from India

That was not actually the case for women in India many years ago. Women were not even allowed to go outside their houses. They were allowed only to run errands. Prepare the meal, clean the house, do the dishes, laundry and they did all that and pretended to be happy only to keep the family intact, to keep “Social Norms” in check.

No career, no professional life, no outbound desires whatsoever.

But today it has all changed for the good. However, rural India is still somewhat entangled in the social norms that ridicule the world, but there are changes happening.

There are a few people in the country who like to follow the global trend, to do things out of the ordinary and be the one that the world would look up to.

This blog is about those gutsy young Indian women who defied the social belief that women should never travel alone.

1. Leena Bansal aka Miss Walking Shoes

Top 5 Inspiring Female Travellers from India

An aspiring traveller since her early age, Leena has always been telling everyone that she just want to travel the world or even space for that matter.

Quitting her job in 2014 must have been a tough decision to take but her blog does not give any hint of regret that she didn’t hang on to it.

Like most of us, Leena had a concern that her dream of travelling the world might not actually be affordable. But as she did some of her first few backpacking trips, she realized that giving up on some luxuries can help her save enough to travel the world.

Her stories and blogs can be a good inspiration and a lesson for those who are planning to do what she did.

Yes! Quit your job and travel. That is actually possible.

However, you need to stack up on some savings to cover your costs. For that, you probably need to find a good paying job for a few years.

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2.  Shivya Nath

Top 5 Inspiring Female Travellers from India

Shivya Nath belongs from Dehradun, a beautiful town in northern India. She moved to Singapore for her graduation. Finishing her graduation in Singapore handed her no good offerings because of the financial slump of 2009.

It has to be her destiny that she ended up with a job in Singapore Tourism Board which probably ignited the travel blogger spirit in her.

At the age of 23, she gave up her corporate life to hit the road and travel the world. Its been around seven years now since Shivya started her nomadic lifestyle and she is a true inspiration and probably the best example of how one can live a dream and make money out of it.

She is one of the most recognized and celebrated travel bloggers from India. She has been featured in Vogue, Times of India, National Geographic Travel Magazine, BBC Travel and the list continues.

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3.  Ankita Sinha

Top 5 Inspiring Female Travellers from India
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Ankita believes it’s her family and their support that keeps her going. She traces her travelling interest back from her childhood days where her dad had a transferable job that kept her family moving across India.

She had the opportunity to travel to so many places in her early age which might have sparked the interest of travelling and making it her full-time job that too in her own terms.

I would like to contribute to the world in whichever way possible and inspire the people to travel more and live every single moment through my videos and genuine reviews, and hopefully they get the message that travel is not only about a fixed itinerary, but the places, people, adventure and travel.

She has travelled to more than 18 countries and has more than 300 stories to share. She is a recipient of several travel awards and recognition. She mostly shares video reviews of the places she visits.

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4. Laxmi Sarath

Top 5 Inspiring Female Travellers from India

Laxmi has amassed a huge experience in media organizations before she decided to live the rest of her life travelling.

She started her blog in 2005 only to share her travel experiences. Little did she knew back then that she would be a source of inspiration to millions of aspiring travellers from around the world.

She and her blog (lakshmisharath.com) has also been awarded several travel awards including ‘India’s best travel blog of the year’.

She has covered five continents and over 25 countries. Before she embarked on her incessant journey of the world, she already had a handful of experience of travelling to places. She used to travel a lot during her 15 years of work experience.

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5. Divya Rai

Top 5 Inspiring Female Travellers from India
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Divya by profession is a product photographer for digital advertisements. She is a regular blogger and she owns a clothing and accessories store.

After destiny made her face traumatic upsets in life, Divya now feels that she should be more focused on living and experiencing different aspects of life that she can cherish all her life.

She makes her living by writing and photography.

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