This is how travelling helps to live a meaningful life

There are three types of people in this world.

 Type I: One that wishes to travel the world but cannot.

Type II: One that wishes to travel the world but will not.

Type III: One that wishes to travel the world and actually does it. 

Meaning, everybody loves travelling. However, not all people are lucky to get to travel as frequently as they would want. Some are born with the hunger to travel all their life and they somehow manage to do it.

Type I are those who always end up finding an excuse no matter how much they want to travel. Type II are those who are convinced of the reason that stops them from travelling. Type III are the explorers, they are the achievers.

I think people that fall in Type I category are the least happy people because ‘Not Being Able’  to do what you want to do is a problem, ‘Not Wanting’ to do, however, is less of it.

But the good thing is, Type I and Type II people can always get to Type III. All you need to do for that is, take a break! 

You need to somehow manage a week-long break! That will change your life and you cannot stop thanking yourself for taking this decision.

10 Powerful Reasons That Prove Travelling Helps You Live a Meaningful Life

I’ve penned down some of the major reasons as to why travelling once in a while should be a priority. These are the 10 Powerful Reasons That Prove Travelling Helps You Live a Meaningful Life

Better Yourself

Nobody has a perfect life, there are disappointments and setbacks but learning a lesson and pulling yourself up to prove that you worth a better and happy life is the way how we should deal with them.

Accept that you have had a bad time in your life and admit that you failed. That helps to develop a burning desire to better yourself and live a happy life.

Travelling helps to heal faster. 

Imagine you just lost your job or your startup terribly failed. To deal with these problems you need to look at the world in a different way. Go out, meet new people, talk to them, get along with their lives, help them, share your experiences.

In no time, you’ll realise that the world operates in a million different ways. That will help you navigate through the one way that suits you the best. You’ll find a much better way to live, you will thrive.


Learning never ends. Every new destination you go, every new kind of people you meet, every new culture you experience, each one of them has something or the other to teach.

Experiences are imprinted, Formulas are memorized

Experiencing the world and understanding it gives more education than the entire college degree. What you experience stays you for the rest of your life, and if you could impart it to someone else that is a wonderful bonus. On the other hand, not everything you learn from a textbook can be remembered or even useful.

Travelling teaches you the essence of life in a nutshell.

Things you can learn on a travel

  • Languages
  • Culture
  • Cuisines
  • Communication Skills
  • World History and Geography
  • Weather Pattern
  • Survival Skills etc.

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Better Cognitive Analysis

When you travel to a new place full of new people, language and culture, uncertainties are all but sure. You need time to learn and adapt to the new setting. You will learn to survive, you become agile with your thoughts and action.

You tend to build a new perspective towards every little thing in your life and you start looking for a meaningful way of living and trust me you will find one. Gradually everything you do seem to start making sense, that is the positive energy developing inside you.

You’ll start to feel that everything you’ve done so far, all the people you’ve met, all of your accomplishments, all of your failures and all your relationships were meant to happen and it had to be for you to be in the place you are. And the place where you find yourself always gets better. Growth is inevitable.

Every minute you spend travelling places teaches you a new lesson and offers you a new experience even if you visit the same place over and over again.

Be You

Being you is the best gift you can give to yourself. For most of the people in the world, work-life do not allow people to be themselves unless you are someone like a Floyd Mayweather or a Lionel Messi or a Christiano Ronaldo. These people are paid millions to do what to love doing.

This is how travelling helps to live a meaningful life

If you think your daily routine is hindering you from being yourself, carry a map, hit the road and meet random people. You will find yourself.

Now there is a pretty good possibility that you cannot afford to be yourself forever but you have all the right in the world to do it once in a while.

Appreciate Your Life

We, humans, have the nack of overlooking the importance of what we possess and run for something that is not meant for us or maybe unreal too.

Heard this song?

Well you only need the light when it’s burning low

Only miss the sun when it starts to snow

Only know you love her when you let her go

This is so true. Don’t you think? Letting go of things make you realise its importance, how much it mattered to you. Leaving for a new place and exploring new destinations make you realise how important going back to home, to your people, to your country is. It’s not that you’ll never want to go to new places again, you’ll start loving and appreciating whatever you have in your life.

So make a habit of travelling to a new place every year if you want to be more in love with your life.

Strengthen Relationships

Another factor that defines a successful life is the dynamics of your relationships.

This is how travelling helps to live a meaningful life

Across all forms of relations from family getaways or a romantic holiday to a professional workshop, a travel plan works just fine to develop good bonding with people.

Travelling together most often ignites a new angle that shapes your relationship towards a better tomorrow. You share your food, your space and your experiences. It brings people together in a common place and a launching platform for a new beginning.

Married couples going for a honeymoon is a good example of how travelling helps nurture a new relation.

Celebrate Life

Every special occasion calls for a celebration. A birthday or a wedding or an anniversary celebrated in a new place is always special.

These special life events can be made even more special by planning it somewhere else rather than regular places.

Be Inspired

The world is full of amusements and inspirations. No textbook or a motivational speaker does the magic that a travel experience does for you.

The gardens in Japan and museums in Paris will ignite a sudden spark in you to awakes the artist that has been in sleep for long inside you.

Its when you get out and see the world, that you realise how inspiring every single one of us can be to others.

We are all from different background, culture and we’ve had a totally different upbringing and yet we love to live in harmony. There is so much to be inspired of and so much to be inspired by.

Be Social

Some people travel in search of solitude, for me its not always solitude. I travel to learn to communicate, to be a part of a new culture, be socially active with a new community, learn and speak there language.

How travelling helps to live a meaningful life

Life is too short to run after success and money.

We are a social creature, we interact, to collaborate and prosper. The beautiful souls that you meet on a trip will remain special to you for the rest of your life.

You might end up making best of your friends on a trip. In the best case, you can find your love which is very likely.

Know your limits

If doing new things scare you, you might actually be able to do it. That’s because you have not experienced failure and you might actually be good at it. You just don’t know it yet.

The biggest fear of people is the fear of the unknown, once you overcome that fear, you can metaphorically conquer the world.

Travelling to new places make you realise what you are capable of. If you are really up for this, try adventure sports (Skydiving, Bungy Jumping, Mountaineering).


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