Whenever we sit to plan for a vacation the selected destinations are most often the one that is popular and the most visited. However, here is the list of the most beautiful yet the least visited countries in the world

Most popular things are not necessarily the worthiest.

In this post, we have selected some of the countries that are amongst the most beautiful and surprisingly the least visited once as well.

The most beautiful yet the least visited countries

1. San Marino

Photo: Nikita Ivanov
Image: EastWestQuest

Capital: San Marino | Population: 33,203 (2016) | Currency: Euro | Official Language: Italian | Elevation: 749m

Attractions: It’s a tiny, beautiful and peaceful mountainous country surrounded by Italy. This is an example of how clean and calm are some of the European microstates are. Its a land of fairytale castles and mountaintops fortresses that take you back to the medieval age.

To take yourself away from the busy and hectic urban setting, this tiny country is absolutely worthy of all your penny. If the Vatican is the ‘MUST VISIT’ place in Italy while in Italy, San Marino, for me comes second in the list.

The best part is because its tiny you can wrap up the entire country in a day trip if you want to.

2. Moldova

Image: Kenny Pool
Image: Caantur Morti

Capital: Chișinău | Population: 4,041,065 (2018) | Currency: Moldovan Leu | Official Language: Moldovan, Romanian| Elevation: 350-450m

Attractions: Natural Landscapes and History. Other attractions include wine tours across country and beautiful vineyards.

3. Liechtenstein

Image: Illya Bel
Image: Alizada Studios

Capital: Vaduz | Population: 38,155 (2018) | Currency: Swiss franc | Official Language: German | Elevation: 455m (Vaduz)

Attractions: You know what to expect from a country that lies between Switzerland and Austria. The snowcapped mountain ranges offer a pure fairy tale travel experience. FYI, Liechtenstein is the richest among the tiniest of countries.

4. Tuvalu

Image: Paul + Helen Woodford
Image: Peter Fisher

Capital: Funafuti | Population: 11,287 (2018) | Currency: Australian Dollar, Tuvaluan Dollar | Official Language: English | Elevation: 4.6m

Attractions: This South Pacific country is an independent island nation with coral beaches. A total of 9 tiny island offers you a picturesque holiday destination which ironically is heavily underrated.

5. Bhutan

Image: khomson srisawasdi
Image: Paul Daishin

Capital: Thimpu | Population:  816,723 (2018) | Currency: Indian Rupee, Bhutanese ngultrum | Official Language: Dzongkha | Elevation: 2440m

Attractions: Bhutan is a Buddhist Himalayan kingdom with mountains and ridges. It’s a beautiful kingdom full of monasteries and fortresses that also offers dramatic geographical variations that range from subtropical plains to steep mountains. Its a popular trekking destinations being close to the country of Mt. Everest.

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