This is rather about keeping yourself going on a hike or a trek despite the adverse environment at times PLUS the health issues women have to go through more often than men. Its a hygiene guide for women during hikes and treks.

Hygiene Guide for Women during hikes and treks

Its hard to stay fresh and on your toes throughout, but being clear about your hygiene and health care helps.

This guide helps you stay clean in the outdoors or in the woods for that matter.

1. Change undergarments every day.

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Please do not feel offended if you already do this as this guide is for a larger audience.

Female body parts that are constantly moist is one of the sources of problems in most of the cases. Most of them, for obvious reasons, are the underwears, other being your armpit.

Try to keep those areas as dry as possible. If you don’t, well they’ll serve as a breeding ground for harmful bacterias.

So keeping those dry is by changing them daily for which you got to carry enough underwears for the trip.

2. Drink Plenty of Water

Hygiene Guide for Women during hikes and treks

*This implies for men as well! 

The more you walk, the more you sweat which is good for your health but then perspiration can lead to dehydration and sometimes the hike can get very treacherous.

You need to keep your body hydrated. People tend to drink less water to avoid going to the bathroom frequently and end up being dehydrated.

Furthermore, if you are on a long trek, say a week or more, it’s highly recommended to carry along some water purifying tablets or drops.

3. Plan your trip according to your Period and plan for irregular periods

You are not going to be around medical facilities when you hike or trek. Realizing this is important because women should be aware of the time of the month for the menstrual cycle. It’s better to start your adventure just after your cycle.

Moreover, carrying a menstrual cup is advised if you are having irregular periods. Check out products like Diva Cup on Amazon.

4. General Hygiene Kit (Hand Sanitizers, Wipes, Tissue papers, etc.)

Hygiene Guide for Women during hikes and treks

While in the wilderness, you might come across unusual objects that can come in contact with your body and are harmful(wild tree latexes, poisonous plants, etc).

The simplest thing to do is keep your hands clean, so a hand sanitizer can come in handy. Carry along some wipes, tissue papers and toilet rolls.

Also, it would be safe if you manage to carry some household disinfectants to avoid infections from minor cuts and bruises.

5. Use Wipes if taking shower every day is not an option.

Showers understandably are not always an option out in the wild. But, thankfully, you have alternatives.

For women its very important to keep everything clean and dry in and around the vaginal area. It gets sweaty more often which is a fiasco if it’s not taken care of. The bad odour is another letdown which is also a result of sweaty sensible parts. Use deodorant for normal body odour.

For all these problems you can gently use wipes to keeps things in check. And as mentioned in #1, clean the underwears every day.

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