This is one of the ideal choices for a week-long getaway deep into nature. It starts in the capital, Kathmandu and takes not more than 6 days to get back.

For new adventurists, this is considered to be an ideal route because it’s short and runs through a not-so-busy trail. The dense green forests with frequently occurring small and beautiful Tamang and Sherpa villages will get you everything you need to take a break during the trek.

Throughout the trial, you’ll get to see the massif Langtang range surrounding the entire Helambu region. The typical local meals and ethnic customs will be very interesting what adds to the enriching experience of the Hyolmo culture.

Itinerary of Trek from Kathmandu to Helambu

Days DestinationAltitude Duration
1Chisapani from Kathmandu (Drive) 2300m / 7546 ft 4 Hours
2Chisapani to Kusumtang 2445m / 8021 ft5 Hours
3Kusumtang to Thadepati 3653m / 11985 ft5 Hours
4Thadepati to Tarkeghyang2746m / 9009 ft5 Hours
5Tarkeghyang to Shermathang 2620m / 8595 ft4 Hours
6(Hike)Shermathang to Melamchi. (Drive) Melamchi to Kathmandu 1300m / 4265 ft4 Hours/3 Hours

In the recent past, there has been a huge surge in the number of people visiting this region primarily being very close to Kathmandu valley and you can hire a jeep or a van with or without a driver to drop you off the starting point and ask them to pick up from the point where the trek ends.

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