About Us

After spending several years travelling and trekking to different places (especially from Nepal), we actually initiated this blog (as of now) and planned to make it large and something meaningful.

TrekWeek is a community of travellers who are passionate about adventure destinations. Here, we share articles, experiences, resources and handful tips and guidelines that actually add value to your travel plans and preparations.

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Objective: Connect with passionate and like-minded travellers and adventure enthusiast around the globe.

Mission: Provide constant updates, information and resources about most important Travel and Trekking events happening around the world.

Vision: Become the largest adventure travel information hub and create unique adventure experiences that make your vacation cherishable for the rest of your life and parallelly contribute to the growth of every single stakeholder involved.

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Why Us:

We have experienced how messy things can get when a travel plan goes haywire. We have been to places with less, incomplete or no prior knowledge of and left to do nothing but regret.

Imagine an adventure travel plan with misleading or incomplete information. All it does is screw you. Big Time!

There are some people who just love to be unknown about the adventure they are about to experience. Like a Pleasant Surprise of something exciting coming up, however, on the other side is the Fear of the Unknown which is real as long as the adventure travel is concerned.

We, through our resourceful blogs and guidebooks, will help you minimize those risks and have a pleasant and funfilled experience.

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Traveo With Harmony, Travel with TrekWeekWe strongly believe in influencing and inspiring the local environment and lifestyle as we work and move ahead towards our vision. Complying with that notion, TrekWeek will NEVER be sharing, encouraging or advocating anything that disturbs the local culture, natural environment and habitat whatsoever.

On our second phase(first being a resourceful blog), we strive to provide organized trekking and adventure travel services in the most innovative and environment-friendly way possible.

As a sneak peek, We(TrekWeek and You) will make travel plans on our own that suit your time, interest, choice and even the budget, no strings attached!

More in details will be shared as we progress with our plan. Cheers!